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What can social media do for me and why do I need to do it?

  • Website traffic – Social Media is a great way for users to find your website. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great places for potential customers to find your website and what you can offer them. Most search engines show social media pages in their search results. Do you have flexible business hours? Can you do mobile services? Can you process out of state background checks? Can you scan hard cards? These are all services that separate you from your competition. Sharing what makes your business unique is what social media is for.
  • Brand awareness – Who are you and what is your brand? Social media can be a valuable resource increasing your brand awareness and building credibility to your business. Having a business profile on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter will give your business a brand identity and can have a positive brand association with fingerprinting services. Customers want to feel that they know you before they do business with you. Social media gives you the ability to upload photos, share content, show a personal side of you and your business.
  • Communication and interaction with your customers – Just last week we had someone on Facebook send us a message on where are we located. More and more people use Social Media every day. Many of your customers “millennials” use social media as their main form of communication. You can be missing out on an entire generation of business by not having your business listed.

What is your Blog Strategy?

Build your companies brand awareness with helpful and valuable content. Create content around actionable and simple strategies and tactics to help your customers navigate the background check/drug testing industries. Favor problems and content centered on businesses that would use your services and subtly promote your content. Create content about how using your services will benefit your customer by saving them time and/or money.

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