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Complete Operations Manual

Need a set of policies and procedures to start or grow your fingerprint background check business?

Do you need a Background Check or Drug Testing Vendor?

Need a template to update your policies, procedures, employee handbook, client contracts, intake forms, employment application, and employee orientation?

Everything you need is here in one Operations Manual. This background check business Operations Manual contains all of the information you need to start and grow your very own background check business.

Starting-up or Re-defining Your Business Policies and Procedures

This background check business manual contains over 200 pages specific forms, policies, and procedures including:

  • Setting up your Background Check Processing Vendor
  • Setting up Drug Testing services as a third party administrator
  • Administration and Office Management
  • Documentation and Record Keeping
  • In-Service Training
  • Financial Management
  • Legal Issues
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Sales and Customer Acquisition

It’s your entire background check business in one download. Whether you are just starting out, or re-defining your procedures, you will see savings well in excess of the $1,199 purchase price in a very short time.

FREE BONUS Each Complete Background Check Business Operations Manual includes 30 free days of consulting and coaching with EZFingerPrints. Helping you pick your background check and drug testing vendors. Every form and file is ready for you to customize for your background check business.  All forms, policies, and procedures can be updated easily using any word processor such as Microsoft Word.

Read through the contents of this manual below and you will find that the amount of time that you will save by having everything you need all in one place, is well worth the purchase price of $1,199


  • Welcome Letter from the president
  • history of EZFingerPrints
  • services provided
  • advertising materials and sales
  • fingerprint locations website
  • initial training

Pre-Opening Checklist

  • pre-opening procedures
  • pre-opening timeline
  • establish of a business form
  • operating agreement
  • Setting up your office/home office
  • List of equipment, inventory furnishing and fixtures
  • obtaining required licenses and permits
  • setting up a background check vendor
  • setting up drug testing services as a third party administrator
  • contracting with required utilities and services
  • vehicle specifications
  • setting up bank accounts
  • getting insurance
  • meeting your tax obligations
  • employer identification number
  • federal taxes
  • state taxes
  • conducting a grand opening

Human Resources

  • eeoc guidelines
  • how employees are counted
  • reporting requirements
  • charge processing procedures
  • mediation
  • remedies
  • regulatory enforcement fairness act
  • technical assistance
  • informal guidance
  • publications
  • laws regarding harassment
  • sexual harassment
  • racial and ethnic harassment
  • pregnancy discrimination
  • religious accommodation
  • immigration reform/control act
  • wage and labor laws
  • what the flsa requires
  • what the flsa does not require
  • working with independent contractors/subcontractors
  • profile of the ideal employee
  • job descriptions
  • owner/director of operations
  • fingerprint procurement technician
  • recruitment
  • spreading the word
  • screening
  • interview process
  • background check procedures
  • reference check procedures
  • job offer
  • personnel policies
  • hiring on a trial basis
  • employee orientation
  • forms
  • policies and benefits
  • overview of operations
  • training
  • training tips
  • initial training
  • ongoing training
  • time tracking
  • uniform and dress code
  • progressive discipline
  • termination/separation
  • termination
  • resignation

Customer Acquisition Procedures

  • developing a sales plan
  • the sales plan
  • sales and marketing goals
  • contacting lead sources
  • telemarketing scripts
  • building your lead database
  • build database to track and monitor progress
  • prospect management
  • generating prospect management reports
  • telephone standards
  • the proper handling of incoming calls
  • greeting
  • taking messages
  • voicemail
  • email standards
  • preparing for sales activities
  • preparing for the appointment
  • understanding your competition
  • understanding your competitive advantages
  • the sales presentation
  • product knowledge
  • closing the sale
  • frequently asked questions
  • handling objections

Fingerprint Procedures

  • daily activities
  • equipment knowledge
  • advantages of live scan device
  • customer service procedures
  • history of fingerprints
  • types of fingerprints
  • fingerprinting guidelines and tips
  • rejected fingerprints
  • transacting sales
  • accepting payment

Office Procedures

  • suggested hours of operation
  • customer service procedures
  • customer retention
  • handling complaints
  • scheduling procedures
  • communication appointments to customers
  • billing
  • invoicing
  • collection procedures
  • financial management
  • generating financial reports
  • record retention
  • equipment maintenance
  • vehicle maintenance
  • safety and security
  • workers compensation issues
  • fire safety
  • robbery
  • burglary

Marketing and Advertising

  • marketing plan
  • developing your marketing plan
  • promoting your business in your area
  • direct mail campaigns
  • internet directories (fingerprint locations.com)
  • print
  • social media outlets
  • email newsletters
  • referrals
  • public relations and community involvement
  • writing a press release
  • putting together a press kit
  • community involvement

Operational Tools

  • accounts receivable worksheet
  • advertising expense analysis worksheet
  • application for employment
  • chart of accounts
  • client satisfaction survey
  • cold call script tips
  • contract for services
  • credit card authorization form
  • customer assessment tool
  • employee agreements
  • employee handbook
  • employee information sheet
  • employee mileage form
  • employee time sheet
  • employee warning notice
  • fingerprint services brochure
  • getting past “no” cold call script
  • incident report
  • interview guide
  • interview report
  • marketing plan budget
  • marketing plan worksheet
  • new employee checklist
  • new employee training
  • non-solicitation agreement
  • services receipt
  • personnel status change form
  • post hire health questionnaire
  • pre-opening checklist
  • pto request form
  • reference check
  • sample collection letter
  • sample job/recruitment ad
  • steps to follow when injured on the job
  • weekly meeting agenda
  • weekly sales report

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