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Customer Acquisition Procedures

To operate a profitable fingerprint business, you should be able to sell your services effectively. When you are called on to make a proposal, price alone will not decide whether you or your competition gets the work. You should sell yourself and your services better than other providers do. If you have developed the idea of what could be done to solve a need with your service, if you have convinced your prospect that your firm could handle the work efficiently and in a highly professional manner, if you have really created a job where none existed before, you are entitled to your full price, both for the time you spend creating the business and for selling the prospect. Providing fingerprinting services is a selling business, and anyone who wants to develop a prosperous business should know both how to plan for sales and how to sell to potential customers.

Included in this Manual:

  • How to Develop a Sales Plan
  • Sales & Marketing Goals
  • Contacting Lead Sources
  • How to Build a Lead Database
  • Telephone Standards
    • Proper Handling of Incoming Calls
    • Telephone Greetings
    • Taking Messages
    • Voicemail
    • Email Standards
  • Sales Activities
    • Preparing for the Appointment
    • Understanding your Competition
    • Creating your Competitive Advantages
  • How to Create a Sales Presentation
    • Sales Attire
    • Sales Kit
    • Product Knowledge
    • How to give a Sales Presentation
    • Handling Objections
    • Closing the Sale
  • Top FAQs for Fingerprinting

Tools Included:

  • Cold Call Scripts
  • Getting Past “No” Sales Scripts
  • Request for Proposal Template
  • Contract for Services Template
  • Weekly Sales Tracking Worksheet