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Human Resources

This section of the Human Resources Manual addresses the issues related to recruiting, hiring, training, supervising, and disciplining employees. It provides guidance regarding the legal and practical concerns you will need to deal with when managing staff.

As a general rule, remember…

Effective communication with your employees is as important as communication with customers.

As a fingerprint business owner, you should understand that good employees are the foundation of any business. Your customers will only be satisfied and refer you to others if they are receiving quality, professional service from your employees and they feel you are truly helping them meet their needs.

The time and money you invest in training will return to you in the form of confident, efficient staff and happy, loyal customers. But to train effectively, you Should have a plan so you know how long training will take, who will do the training, and how and when the training will be conducted. Developing good employees depends on the quality and effectiveness of the training you provide.

Included in this Manual:

  • EEOC Guidelines
    • How Employees are Counted
    • Record Keeping Requirements
    • Reporting Requirements
  • Laws Regarding Harassment
  • Wage and Labor Laws
  • Working with Independent Contractors/Subcontractors
  • Profile of the Ideal Employee
  • Job Descriptions
  • Recruitment Ads
  • How to Interview
  • Personnel Policies & Employee Handbook
  • Policies and Benefits
  • Overview of Operations
  • Training
    • Initial Training
    • Ongoing Training
    • Training and Coaching Tips
  • Time Tracking
  • Uniform & Dress Code
  • Progressive Discipline
  • Termination/Separation

Tools Included:

  • Job/Recruitment Ad
  • Interview Guide
  • Employee Application Template
  • Interview Report
  • Reference Check Template
  • Employee Handbook Template
  • New Hire Training Guide
  • Post Hire Health Questionnaire
  • Training Outline
  • Employee Information Sheet
  • Incident Report
  • Workers Compensation Procedure
  • New Employee Checklist
  • Personnel Stats Change Form
  • Timesheet & Mileage Worksheets
  • Employee Warning Notice Document