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Pre-Opening Manual

The sequence of activities outlined in the Pre-Opening Timeline Manual includes the typical steps required to start your own fingerprint business. Your fingerprint business development may not proceed exactly in the order outlined below; however, this manual will give you an overview of the steps. Keep in mind that each state, county, city, or township has its own set of laws and codes particular to your fingerprint business. You will need to discuss these matters with your local business organization, as well as with your accountant or attorney, to make sure you obtain all necessary permits and legal documents.

We understand that you may feel overwhelmed during the pre-opening process; there are many details you should attend to and many decisions that should be made. Be assured that you take as much as needed.

Opening a new fingerprint business is an exciting experience! Careful planning, good business sense and motivation will help make starting your new fingerprint business the positive, successful experience we all want it to be.

Included in this manual:

  • Establishment of Business Form
  • Operating Agreement
  • Setting up your home office or store┬álocation
  • Site Selection
  • List of equipment, inventory, furnishings and fixtures
  • Obtaining licenses and permits
  • Contracting with required utilities and services
  • Vehicle specifications for mobile services
  • Setting up bank accounts
  • Getting insurance
  • Meeting your tax obligations
    • Employer Identification Number
    • Federal taxes
    • State taxes
  • How to conduct a grand opening